The Hungry Bear भालू की परेशानी Bhalu ki Pareshani 3D Animated Hindi Moral Stories Kids कहानी Tales

The Hungry Bear भालू की परेशानी Bhalu ki Pareshani 3D Animated Hindi Moral Stories Kids कहानी Tales. #bearstory #hindikahaniya #kidsmoralstories Here Is The Another Story of Bear watch and learn best morals with these #moralstoriesforkids and #bedtimestories …this story is about a bear. Once there lived a bear in the forest. he always feels like how much fat i am..?? one day there playing the monkey and rabbit. the bear also wants to play with them. he went to them and asked to play with them. they agreed to play and they went near trees and started playing. Suddenly, The bear saw a honeycomb on the tree and climbed up to eat. he did not cached the comb and he fell down due to heavy weight. The rabbit and monkey laughed at the bear. The bear got disappointed and said all this happened due to my weight … I will not eat anymore. then the rabbit said that don’t stop eating food if you does not eat food definitely you will not get any strength to your body. but the bear does not listened and stopped eating. days passing the bear losses weight and strength too. he is not able to move due to lack of energy. One day a lion came to eat food, all animals scared running away to lion but the bear was not able to run. he asked help of all rabbit and monkey. all animals together and the lion want back. the bear is safe. the bear thanked to all animals for saving his life and said now i am understand if we stop eating we will get sick and lack of energy. All animals took good care of the bear and the bear soon became the same and all are very happy. here we can learn the importance of taking food. learn the best learning morals for your kids with these #kidsstories with #cartoonanimatedstories For more Updates and Videos Subscribe to us : Share And Follow: Official Site: Blogger: Instagram: Twitter: Fb: G+:

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