Lions Betrayal English Moral Story for Kids – 3D Animated Bedtime Stories | Stories of the Forest

Lions Betrayal English Moral Story for Kids – 3D Animated Bedtime Stories | Stories of the Forest. #BedtimeStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #kidsStories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #AnimalsStories The forest was an amazing place to be in, animals moved freely, there were no bad animals until today when Lion betrayed Elephant. Long before Lion became the king of the forest, he and Elephant were best friends who did everything together. Both of them ruled the forest, but Elephant was much respected because he was big and this was not a concern to a lion because he was also regarded to as being fierce. The lion became jealous and wished he was not only fierce but also bigger because he felt that animal respected the Elephant than him. Lion then planned with the fox to inform the animals that they needed only a king, not two. The people agreed and then started demanding that they want a king, not two. The elephant was sad because he loved ruling with his best friend Lion. The lion was happy inside but pretended to be sad in the presence of Elephant. The animals then decided that for them to be able to choose a king, both Lion and Elephant must race and the winner becomes the king. Lion and elephant agreed and a day was fixed for the race. Lion did not want to lose, he then planned with Fox to make the Elephant lose the race. The race began between the best friends. They were supposed to race through different parts of the forest but arrive at the big tree at the centre of the forest where the animals were patiently waiting for their future king. After a while, the animals saw someone coming, thinking it was the Elephant, they started cheering his name but were surprised when they saw Lion. They accepted Lion as their king and crowned him as the king. After the coronation and celebration, animals started getting worried because the elephant was nowhere to be found. They separated to different routes in search of the Elephant. They didn’t see him until they heard a voice calling for help from a deep pit and later discovered that it was Elephant when they got closer. They all struggled to bring him out because he was hefty and big, and was successful after a lot of efforts. They helped him home where he narrated his ordeal of how he was racing and suddenly met himself in a deep pit. Cuckoo told everyone that he had seen….Fox digging the hole. Fox was called and he denied but after lots of pressure, he confessed and told them all that he dug the hole and used leaves to cover it so that no one could suspect and that was why elephant didn’t see it. He also said that he was following Lion’s order who threatened to eat him if he does not do it. They all turned to Lion but king Lion lied that he didn’t send Fox. Some believed him while others didn’t. After much investigation, lion was found guilty. An election was then conducted in the forest and all the animals rejected lion as the king. All the animals greed to make the elephant king for his sincerity and exiled lion from the forest because of his cruelty MORAL: Always be true to your friend, do not betray them. Thanks for watching Please Like! & Subscribe For more Updates and Videos Subscribe Here By Following Link : Follow On Our Other Social Sites: Pinterest : Mix : Twitter : Fb : Blog :

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