Coward Goat English Story – 3D Animated Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids | Stories of the forest

Coward Goat English Story – 3D Animated Bedtime Moral Stories for Kids | Stories of the forest. #BedtimeStories for kids, Stories of the Forest is an animated series featuring quirky animals and interesting #kidsStories and #3dAnimationStories. Hope you love it! #AnimalsStories Once in the forest, there was so much anxiety in the air. It was a period of war between two animal kingdoms. The lion was the king of one animal kingdom while Tiger was the king of the other animal kingdom. The two animal kingdoms were fighting over a piece of land which both kingdoms claimed to be theirs. King Lion refused to let go of the land. He claimed that his father handed it over to him and that the animals in his kingdom had been using it to farm. On the other hand, king Tiger claimed the land belonged to his kingdom and that they were in possession of it before Lion’s family forcefully took it from them. Since both kings refused to let the land go, the animals in both kingdom knew there was going to be war. King Lion then called for a meeting with all the animals. He said, “We are going to fight against Tiger and all his army. We all know that Tiger’s kingdom is a very strong kingdom and also skilful in war. So, we need every animal that is mature to be trained for war. This land is ours and we must fight to win it.” Only Goat refused to be trained for the war. When the other animals come to ask goat why he didn’t go for the training, he said, “Do you not see that I am weak, I do not have a strong horn to attack any other animal. I would definitely be killed on the battlefield.” The other animals would encourage Goat by saying, “If you train, you will be able to fight well.” The goat will respond, “you all should go to war. As for me and my family, we would stay here and pray for you to conquer.” The day finally came when the animals in Lion’s kingdom were ready to fight their enemies in Tiger’s kingdom. The animals in Tiger’s kingdom were also ready too. Horses were whining eagerly, Elephants were trumpeting, Pigs were grunting. All the animals were ready to fight. King Lion gave them a little inspiration as they went out to war. They defeated Tiger’s kingdom and came back successfully. Briefly, after the victory, King Lion gave a speech. He commended all the animals for their patience in training and their commitment to the kingdom. He then commanded that Goat and his family must never hold any important position in the kingdom again. The goat was very ashamed and he was never able to boldly relate with the other animals again. Moral Lesson: If you don’t take responsibility when you should, you will feel like a coward. Thanks for watching Please Like! & Subscribe For more Updates and Videos Subscribe Here By Following Link : Follow On Our Other Social Sites: Pinterest : Mix : Twitter : Fb : Blog :

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